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At Total Food Machines we can supply a wide range of Injectors from many manufacturers.

When purchasing an Injector you will need to look at your required throughputs, what working footprint you have in your facility, also your service requirements.

At Total Food Machines we can supply a wide range of new and used Injectors 

Total Food Machines are experts in supplying the right Injector within your process 

Machinery available can be electric or manual.

Here at Total Food Machines, we have a great selection of Injectors for you to choose from, we work closely with many manufacturers, ensuring that all machines are fully serviced and maintained, so you can be sure of optimal levels of quality no matter what option you go for. 

Supplied from a wide variety of manufacturers Injectstar, Pokomat, Fomaco, Lutetia, Nowicki, GEA CFS Koppens and lots more 

You can be sure of the highest levels of hygiene and efficiency while choosing our service, as we have carefully sourced all of the machines we have for sale on our website

Injectors can be used for marinating and curing fish, beef, pork and poultry to enhance the quality of the product. Injectors come in many sizes from single to multi needle and tenderising. 

We supply a large selection of Injectors from small production through to large throughput facilities within the meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, cooked meats, ready meals industry and lots more.

We can supply Injectors from standalone machines to integrated production lines

Our new Injectors give customers the opportunity to buy the required model at an affordable price. We can deliver quality service using well-maintained machines. 

If you want to discover more information about the Injectors that we supply or have in stock, all you need to do is click on the relevant picture and you will find details and some more photographs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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more on Metalbud Nowicki MH-117 SAS Multi Needle Injector

Metalbud Nowicki MH-117 SAS Multi Needle Injector

Metalbud Nowicki MH-117 SAS Multi-needle Injector 

Single Head

117 Needle

Brine Mixing System 

PLC Control 

Metalbud Nowicki supply a range of injectors with a SAS SYSTEM 

Produces greater control of the injection process. 

SAS SYSTEM Meat Injectors are intended to implement the most complex processes of injection.

The Metalbud Nowicki MH-117 SAS Multi Needle Injector is suitable for meat muscles and elements of red meat with bone or boneless, poultry and parts of white meat with bone or boneless.

Used for pickling meat by injecting saline and seasoning into the Beef,lamb,pork,fish leaving it tenderised and soft improving the quality of meat and increasing yield rate. 

SAS SYSTEM advantages 

Repeatability throughout the operational process.

Low injection rates of up to 10%, as well as high injection rates up to 120%, small deviation of injection level from 0,5 to 2% high production rates in kg/h

High speed injection with up to 60 cycles per minute.

Injection of the raw meats at different thickness without extruding brine.

Allows you to pre-program the injection moment, i.e. determine the layer of raw meat which will be injected and that the drive of transport is synchronised with the drive of injection head which enables many combinations of injection patterns

Multi-step filtration system

Easy disassembly of injection head.

Quick assembly of needles: 2 mm,2,5 mm, 3mm, or 3,5 mm

Conveyor width = 450 mm

Maximum output = 5000 kg/h

Volume of injection = 5/120 %

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Total Food Machines Ratings

Total Food Machines offer a rating on all our used machinery you can see the star rating on every used machine we have for sale.

We believe as a growing company and our realisation of customer expectations you need to create a star rating system this gives peace of mind so when buying machinery you feel comfortable, if you are not happy with your purchase we will refund the full purchase price.

Our policy for the 5 star assessment of the used equipment we have for sale, will be assessed by an independent engineer, our philosophy for providing this service is we understand the pressure all our customers are under on a daily basis and need to have peace of mind when buying used machinery without having manufacturing and processing problems.

You can contact our team at anytime and we will give you a true written assessment on your machinery enquiry


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