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Rotary Doypacker Premade Bags Filling Line

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Rotary Doypacker

Premade Bags Filling Line(rotary) 1) Vibrating feeder

2) Z type conveyor

3) Working platform 4) Multihead weigher 5) Doypack machine

Z type elevator with vibrating feeder

• Machine: Stainless steel 304

• Buckets: food grade PP 1.8L

• With doors along the elevator for easy maintains and cleaning

• With transparent door for monitoring buckets

• Stainless steel electric cabinet

• Speed adjustable

• Working with weigher

• Power supply single phase 220V 50HZ 1.5kw

Vibrating feeder

• Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

• Upper hopper volume: 75L

• With vibrating controller 


Working platform

• Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

• Anti-skidding stainless platform and ladder thickness 3mm

• Stainless steel 304 square feet 150x150x3mm

• Stainless steel 304 square structure 100x50x2mm

• Stainless steel 304 guides height 1100mm

• Stainless steel 304 feet

• Dimension: 2500(L)×2500(W)×1800-1900(H)

14 Head weigher

• Frame Material: Stainless Steel SUS316 for touchable surfaces

• PLC Siemens Control System

• Siemens Touch Screen with stainless steel housing

• HBM load cell

• Plain plate surface

• Weigh Hopper Volume: 2500Ml

• Vibrating and weighing top cone

• Weigh Range: 10 – 1500g

• Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50HZ/60HZ 2KW

• 99 sets product parameters

• Original program can be restored.

• Easy cleaning and maintenance with clean function, all hoppers can

stay open.

• Piece counting function.

• Step motor angle can be set according to different product.

• Stagger dump prevents products blockage.

• Multi-discharging function

• Waterproof electronic carbine

• Modular electronic boards for easy maintains

• With timing hopper

• Including two discharging tubes connected with packaging machine


Rotary doypacker Main specifications:

• Type: Parts touch the products are stainless steel

• Run the machine on the 7 inch touch screen.

• Pick pouches automatically.

• Bag size range: Width:100-210mm, Length:100-300mm

• Power: 380v 3phase 50Hz

• With hot ribbon printer: Totally Max. three lines and each line with Max.14 characters including spaces, to be confirmed by the customer

• With air discharge device

• With output belt

• With centralized lubrication device

• Machine is driven by cam, durable and easy to maintain

• With oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution

• Packaging speed: About 35-40 bags/min (The speed will vary in the

packaging weight, the packaging precision, the product character,

and pouch character).

• The material packed: nuts/dry fruits

• Character of the material packed: with uniform density

(homogeneous density and easy flowing)

• Filling weight: Max about 500g

• Pouch style: standup bag

• Packaging shop conditions: air humidity should be under 50%,

suitable for packaging machine working.

• Power supply: AC380V±10% 3- phase 50Hz

• Compressed air: 5~8kgf/cm2, 0.4m3/min

• Noise from running machine: within 75db(out of the radius of


• The sealing style is straight/net type; sealing width is 10mm -15mm

and can be adjusted slightly 


The following requirements for pouch should be met:

• Static electricity on the pouch must be rid during their process, and there mustn’t any vapor, moisture and water drip on the surface and the inside of the pouches.

• Pouches mustn’t be adhered together because of print problem, and the pouches must be even and smooth enough.

• The error about pouch width must be under ±1.5mm. The error about pouch length must be under ±2.0mm.

• Pouch’s sides should be even and straight, and the angle between two sides of adjacent form a right angle, and either end of the pouch must be sealed well.

• Each pouch must have the same thickness and same hardness, and pouch must be even and there’s no wrinkle or bend.

• The filling product in the pouch should be at least 30mm (this number should be changed according to different pouches and products) below the point where the machine grips are settled on the pouch for the pouch sealed well.

• The distance between the zipper and the bag mouth edge must be all the same and must be 30mm to 35mm.

The particular parameters:

• Packaging procedure: Pick pouches automatically→ Open zipper, Print date→ Open bag→ Measure and Fill → Charge Nitrogen→ Seal→ Second seal→ Finish and output ? Open pouches by vacuum.

• A device, with this machine, is against sealing vacant pouches to make sure that if there is no fill, there will be no seal.

• The packaging machine can control the movement of the drop of materials freely to avoid waste of materials.

• The packaging machine will be equipped with safety doors, which are made of transparent plexiglass.

• Workers only need to press two buttons on the touch screen to change distances between grips at one 3 August 2023 time for different pouch sizes.

• The packaging machine will be equipped with suitable funnels according to pouch styles and sizes, and funnels can be replaced easily.

• The packaging machine will be equipped with a vibrating device, which can make sure there’s no sealing trouble during the packaging of materials.  

Main components:

• Temperature regulator: OMRON

• The main motor: Taiwan Brand

• PLC/HMI :Siemens Germany

• Vacuum pump: ORION Japan

• Pneumatic elements: SMC Japan

• AC contactor: Schneider, France

• Frequency transformer: Danfoss

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