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Rational iCombi Ovens

We supply a range of Rational ovens available at Total Food Machines.


Rational iCombi Classic Oven

The Rational iCombi Classic is an effective, efficient, easy to use oven replacing multiple conventional cooking appliances in your facility.

The Ratonal iCombi can bake, blanch, grill, steam, poach, stew or roast a range of products including, meat, poultry, fish, egg dishes, fruit, vegetables baked items and desserts. 

With the incorporated ClimaPlus, ensuring your products are individually, uniformly cooked through the fresh steam generator, individual cooking cabinet, humidification system, multiple fan wheels. Ensuring energy is transferred to your products accurately while using up to 10% less energy and water. 

The product user has full control over the iCombi Classic, with recognisable symbols and a dial push function. Manufactured to allow you to individually save up to 100 cooking programs and incorporated with the steam mode with hygienically regulation producing fresh hygienic steam in 10% stages.

Convection mode allows the air circulation speed to be adjust, alongside the reserve capacity providing enough air to cook a range of products including bakery goods.

The combination mode, consisting of both steam and convection heat allows short cooking time and reduces shrinkage of your products providing you a greater yield.

Rational iCombi Classic helps boost your productivity levels through the automatic cleaning mode, determining the cleaning stage at day or night. All cleaning stages in the iCombi Classic are easy to select and quick to perform, ensuring your iCombi is always hygienic and clean.

Rational iCombi Pro Oven

The Rational iCombi Pro is an intelligent oven which remembers the previous products cooked, dynamically responding to your specific requirements.

The Ratonal iCombi Pro can bake, blanch, grill, steam, poach, stew or roast a range of products including, meat, poultry, fish, egg dishes, fruit, vegetables baked items and desserts.

The intelligent design of the iCombi Pro automatically adjusts the settings to ensure it produces your desired result giving you the freedom to work on other areas of your production.

The integrated iDensityControl generates up to 50% more productivity in a shorter time (up to 10% shorter). This is achieved through the air circulation and humidification programs incorporated into the iCombi Pro. 

iCookingSuite allows you to achieve the perfect product regardless of the quantity by continuously checking the condition of your product. The Ration iCombi Pro will automatically adjust the temperature depending on the cooking progress of your product.

Producing more than 1 product at the same time can be stressful, but not with the iProductionManager manufactured in the iCombi Pro. When cooking a range of products simply place the product on display and the oven will show what else can be cooked at the same time.

The iCombi Pro can cleans itself in approximately 12 minutes, allowing you to cook your next product without transferring any flavour or smells from your previous product. The iCareSystem detects the level of cleaning required and can even clean overnight saving time on cleaning. 

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