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Deighton EconoRobe and EconoWeir Batter Applicator

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Deighton EconoRobe and EconoWeir Batter Applicator

Total Food Machines have a wide range of Deighton machinery to meet your production needs, from batter applicators to full frying lines such as battering, breading, crumbing and frying. We have a variety of machinery to meet your business needs.

The Deighton EconoRobe can apply a high-quality coverage of numerous different batters and marinades. Working well with a range of meat, fish, ethnic and vegetable produce.

The Deighton machine is therefore ideal for a range of manufacturers such as butchers, fishmongers, poultry industry, supermarkets and many more. 

Product Description:

The Deighton machine is available in 'weir' or 'dip' style, the machine is capable of handling adhesive or tempura mixtures. This can be decided upon to meet your individual production needs.

The Batter applicator has ease of switching batters between each production, this allows the operator the freedom to maximise efficiency and productivity through the Deighton machinery. 

Weir Econorobe Features:

This weir style is capable of using all adhesive batters and marinades of a range of viscosity.

The system has a variable speed conveyor passing through a 'puddle plate' and 'waterfall' allowing the product to be coated in the batter. The batter is then recirculated from the tank through the filter basket to the waterfall by the centrifugal pump, helping reduce waste. Any excess batter is then removed by a variable pressure air knife before presenting it for the next stage of packaging or processing.

Dip Econorobe Features:

The dip style is suitable for tempura and high viscosity batters, where mixing through a pump is not the preferred option.

The system has a variable speed conveyor belt allowing the product to pass through the whole production, enabling greater safety to the machine user. As the product travels along the belt it is submerged into the batter tank.

A weighed top conveyor aids the product through the tank ensuring the product remains completely immersed in the batter or marinade at all times. As the product moves from the tank a variable air pressure knife removes excess batter presenting it for the next stage of packaging or processing. 

The Deighton EconoRobe and Econoweir Batter applicator, is available in various sizes, 200, 300, 400 & 600mm. The EconoRobe forms part of Deighton's processing line. 


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