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Deighton EconoCrumb Breader Crumber

Deighton Crumbing and Breading Machine

The EconoCrumb has been designed to make the automated process of crumbed or batter coated products available to both small and large volume producers in an efficient and productive way.

Total Food Machines have a wide range of Deighton machinery to meet your production needs, from crumbers to full frying lines such as battering, breading, crumbing and frying lines. We do a variety of machinery to help meet your business needs. 

The Deighton model is the ideal piece of equipment for breading a wide range of products. This includes meat, chicken nuggets, vegetarian products, mushrooms, fishcakes and much more. In addition to this, it can cater for various sizes, making it ideal for whatever your requirements may be.

The Deighton Econocrumb is the ideal piece of machinery for a range of manufactures such as butchers, supermarkets, fishmongers, poultry industry, bakeries and many more food industry manufacturers. 

The Econocrumb is capable of crumbing formed or battered products from small product volumes to larger volume production.

The Deighton conveyor belt is submerged in crumb that allows each product to pass along the belt receiving an even and complete coverage of the product. The conveyor then moves the product through a 'curtain' of crumb ensuring an accurate coating is applied to the product. The fully coated product passes under a compressing roller compacting the crumb around the product. Excess crumb is then removed by the air pressure knife. 

Product Features:

The Deighton Econocrumb Breader Crumber has the ability to handle a numerous types of crumbs, allowing you to meet your specific business needs. 

Thickness of the crumb bed and curtain can be altered and adjusted to allowing the individual to meet their individual weight of coating, meeting their business needs. 

The Deighton machine allows the operator to obtain versatility within their product range which is suited to meet their specific products. This can be done at an affordable cost but does not alter or affect the reliability of the machinery. 

The Econocrumb has ease of operation alongside the capability to easily clean the Deighton machinery. This allows the user of the machine to generate greater productivity and efficiency of the machinery rather than a large amount of time cleaning and operating the machinery. 


The three-phase machinery can be installed as part of a forming and processing line or as a stand alone unit. This allows you to meet your specific business needs. 


A single control panel operates the variable speed conveyor, allowing you to control the speed of production for your given production needs.


Excess crumb is recycled though the auger, transferring it back to the hopper, this allows the user to reduce wastage and increase efficiency and productivity of the machinery. 

The Deighton EconoCrumb breader is available in 200, 300, 400 and 600mm widths, suitable for your needs and spatial capacity. 


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