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Rational Vario Cooking Center

Whether 30 individual portions in an à la carte restaurant or 1,000 meals in industry catering, the Vario Cooking Center always offers the right solution for the individual requirements of your kitchen.

The Rational Vario Cooking Center is suitable for boiling, frying and deep frying a range of food including, chips, hamburgers, rice, pasta, fish, puddings and frozen fish fingers. This makes this model ideal for using in busy restaurants, hotels, school, education and government operated facilities, hospitals, commercial catering companies, bistros, cafes and much more

On a table, a work surface, on the central range or even integrated into it:

The Vario Cooking Center can be used anywhere.

Benefits at a glance:

Boiling, frying, deep frying: Maximum flexibility on minimal space

Heats up to 200 °C in only 2.5 minutes

Cook without monitoring

Accurate cooking results

Perfect cooking results even under pressure

Boiling. Frying. Deep-frying.

All in one unit, up to 4 times as fast and up to 40 % less power consumption.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Vario Cooking Center, you can use it for diverse cooking methods and remain independent. It gives you up to 2 extra hours of valuable working time per day and enables you to cook for your customers at the highest level, without any supervision.

The in-built cooking intelligence, heating up to 200 °C in record time and 40% more searing power make this possible.

Cleaning time is also minimal as nothing sticks or overcooks. It works day and night for you and unproductive times are reduced to a minimum.

Rational Vario Cooking Center 112+

The Rational Vario Cooking Center 112+ can pressure cook, boil, fry, sear, braise, deep fry and also cook at low temperature, food including, dried rice and pasta, meat, poultry, fish, game, hamburgers, chips, frozen fish fingers and much more. 

This makes the Rational Vario Cooking Center 112+ the ideal choice for hotels, restaurants, schools, education and government facilities, hospitals, commercial catering companies, bistros and cafes.

Some of the key features about this machine are:

It Performs perfect cooking results in record time

it has maximum flexibility on minimal space

Minimal monitoring or checking required

Cooking intelligence that does it all for you

Maximum energy efficiency

Heats up to 200 °C in only 2.5 minutes

Cook without monitoring

Accurate cooking results

Perfect cooking results even under pressure

This machine has 2 x 14 litre buckets 

Dimensions (LxWxH) = 800 x 1224 x 1100 mm

For more information on this machine please contact our team at Total Food Machines on 02890 994 202 or email us on sales@totalfoodmachines.com

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