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Soup Sauce Wrap Around Labeller

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Soup Sauce Wrap Around Labeller 

Ideal for wrapping labels around containers soups, sauces, gravies

PL-501 wrap labelling system. 

The real beauty shows up in the performance results of your labelled products. 

Separate drives for conveyor, wrap around and space creator are useful for precise labelling in case of multi-product with different label size. 


? ''No container, no labelling'' function or choice of ''missing label on label roll'' and ''missing label on container'' function. 

? Modular structure reduces down time with quick change over and flexibility in settings like printing position and dispensing position. 

? Independent drives for space creator & wrap around enhance handling of multi- product with different label lengths more effectively. 

? Lowering -lifting device for wrap around and dispenser gives flexibility for label positioning. 

? PLC based control panel with Delta coloured touch screen. 

? Virtually tool-less operation with least maintenance.

? Compact design 

? Installation of a wide range of hot foil printing units and barcode readers 

? User-friendly operator panel with E-stop in the machine front 

? Easy application in-line with packaging machines and up or downstream rotating accumulating tables or turn tables. 



Model PL-501D 

Voltage 220/110 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase 

Power 760 VA 


Applicator Height 150 mm 

Label Size H:150 mm x L:300 mm Max. 

Conveyor Width 150 mm 

Conveyor Speed 5~23 m/min. 

Dispensing Speed 40 m/min. Max 

Dispense Driver Stepper Motor 

Label inner core Diameter 76 mm 

Dimensions 2480mm(L) X 2500 mm (W) X 1400mm (H) 

Maximum Bottle Diameter 150 mm 

Net Weight Approx. 150 KGS 


Frame and main components are made from SUS#304 stainless steel and anodized aluminium. 


1. Panasonic PLC control system 

2. Label position set makes an easy set up 

3. Production quantity counter is convenient for production quantity management 

4. Missing label auto stop system 

5. Adjustable speed for printing 

6. Delta coloured HMI system 

7. Problem showing and solution guarding 

8. Built-in troubleshooting/operation manual 

9. 30 memory slots assist you an easier operation 

10. Screensaver 

Please call Total Food Machines for further information on 02890 994 202 or email sales@totalfoodmachines.com 

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