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Pintro Automatic Skewer Kebab Machines

The Pintro Automatic Skewer Kebab Machines have 3 models, P1000, P3000 and Pick & Skewer.

The Pintro Automatic Skewer machine is perfect for large food processing companies looking to automate the kebab skewering process.

The Pintro Kebab Machines are perfect for a range of products such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. Ideal for a wide range of food manufacturers such as butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets, catering companies, artisan manufacturers and many more.

Pintro P1000

The Pintro P1000 is a semi-automatic machine were operators place the skewers into the machine. The machine then skewers the meat on the kebab skewers giving a high quality and consistent finish every time.

The Pintro Skewer kebab machine can quickly and hygienically produce 1,000 skewers/hour. 

The Pintro P1000 is a compact machine, manufactured and constructed to ensure ease of use and maintenance. This allows productivity to be boosted as less time is spent cleaning the machine.

Pintro P3000

The Pintro P3000 is the largest semi-automatic skewer machine in the Pintro range. Operators work with the machine to produce a high throughput and high quality results every time.

The Pintro Skewer kebab machine can quickly and hygienically produce 3,000 skewers/hour and up to 24,000 per shift. 

The Pintro P3000 is manufactured and constructed to ensure ease of use and maintenance. All produce maintain a traditional and even style.

Pintro Pick & Skewer

The Pintro Pick & Skewer is the world's first fully automatic skewer and kebab machine. Robots automatically pick and place the ingredients on the skewer stick.

The machine continually monitors the quality and positioning of each ingredient, ensuring the end result is of the highest quality consistency for each skewer.

The Pintro Pick & Skewer machine can quickly and hygienically produce 15,000 skewers/hour. 

Due to the limited human interaction with both the machinery and ingredients, hygiene is at its maximum. The automatic CIP (Clean in Place) further heightens the cleanliness of the machine.  

Easy to switch between skewer recipes simply with the touch of the HMI Touch Screen.

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