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Metalbud Nowicki MA-G-1000 PSCH Vacuum Tumbler with Heating and Cooling System

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Metalbud Nowicki MA-G-1000 PSCH Vacuum Tumbler with Heating and Cooling System 

Used for the cooking, boiling, marinating, curing and massaging of meat, fish and poultry in a controlled temperature environment.

This Metalbud Nowicki MA-G 1000 PSCH Vacuum Tumbler allows you to combine several technological processes in the one machine to avoid the reloading of materials

Cooking -  e.g. grain, sauces, vegetables, ready meals, 

Boiling - e.g. skins, tongues

Marinating (also at high temperature)


Bi-functional heating system

Microprocessor Control System with computer control and monitoring

Elimination of weight loss 

Drum capacity = 1000 Litres 

Maximum load = 500 kg

Drum speed = 0/12 rpm

Type of cooling unit = ZCh-2

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