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Vibrowest Sieving machine MSC

This screening machine Vibrowest MSC is a round separator used for the safety screening and check screening of powders and liquids by removing the oversize contamination.            

Available in the following models: 16″ (Ø 400 mm) – 20″ (Ø 500 mm) – 24″ (Ø 600 mm) – 30″ (Ø 800 m) – 36″ (Ø 900 mm) – 48″ (Ø 1200mm ) – 60″ (Ø 1500 mm) – 72″ (Ø 1800 mm) – 90″ (Ø 2200 mm).


the vibration is through a twin unbalanced motors with a double extended shaft, fitted at both ends with eccentric weights. The rotation of the top and bottom eccentric weights creates vibration in the horizontal plane, which causes material to move across the screen cloth to periphery increasing the horizontal throw, causing oversize material to discharge at a faster rate. Increasing the eccentric mass, increases the horizontal throw, causing oversize material to discharge at a faster rate. Rugged Springs placed over the circular motor base amplifies the vibration. By increasing the vibration and motion, this promotes turnover of material on the screen surface helping maximum quantity of under size material to pass through the screen. The vertical motion also minimizes blinding of screen by “near size” particles. The tangential component of motion is controlled by the angle of lead given to bottom weights with relation to top weight. Variation in lead angle controlled the spiral pattern of material travel over the screen cloth. Speed and flow pattern of material travel over the screen cloth can be set by the operator for maximum throughout & screening efficiency for any screen able product, wet or dry, coarse or fine, heavy or light, hot or cold. Typical material passes rapidly through the screen during its travel to the periphery. The oversize material get continuously discharged through a tangential outlet.

Features and plus:

eliminate oversized and purify material;

higher throughput per unit mesh area;

easily to dismantle and clean;

dust proof;

can fit easily into existing installations and areas of limited headroom;

lowers noise levels  typically as 70dBA;

available with ATEX certifi­cation, FDA IQ-OQ, GMP procedures;

available Jacob fittings and fi­nishes for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

For further information on our range of Sieves contact Total Food Machines on 02890 994 202 or email sales@totalfoodmachines.com 


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