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Oops! The Hacona S-TYPE and SI-TYPE semi-automatic impulse sealers is no longer available, please call us and we can help you find a similar machine.

Hacona S-TYPE and SI-TYPE semi-automatic impulse sealers

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A range of Hacona semi-automatic sealing machines that can be used to securely seal filled bags or produce bags from roll material, suitable for sealing PE, PP, PVC, or any other laminated film with sealable inside layer.

Impulse controlled sealing assures high working safety and the sealing wire gets hot ONLY when the sealing bars are closed and in sealing cycle. This provides a high level of safety at work and offers an environmentally friendly – energy saving impulse sealing - eco energy saving - solution. The machine connect to a 230 V (the USA versions to 110V) power supply.

The S-TYPE machine range is produced in five sizes, with sealing lengths ranging from 320 mm to 1020 mm.

All machines from the Hacona S-TYPE semi-automatic impulse heat sealers / poly bag sealers family work with a 5 mm (app. 0,2 inch) wide impulse sealing wire. The sealing length depends always on the size of the machine. All thermoplastic (heat sealable) films up to 500 micron or 800 micron total material thickness can be sealed easily and air tight depending on machine functions. The total surface of the sealing wire is PTFE tape coated. This avoids sticking of the bag material to the sealing wire.

Materials suitable for sealing:

• PE (LDPE, HDPE), PP, PA, PVC, BOPP and other thin laminated films

• ALU (aluminium with sealable layer inside) - SB-TYPE only and test sealing is recommended

• and any other laminated films that have a thermoplastic film inside

All the Hacona S-TYPE and SI-TYPE semi-automatic impulse heat sealers / poly bag sealers have an integrated specially designed safety cutting knife system. This cutting knife system enables to produce bags from tube film or to cut the rest of the film off the bag after sealing.

• Solid built up

• Changeable cutting blade

• Dual edged blade

In order to activate the cutting knife the operator has to push down the knife and move it along the complete sealing bar length. After releasing the knife it will slide back into its safe position.

The sealing wire of the film sealing machine – poly bag sealer heats up only when the sealing bars are closed. The sealing is activated when the sealing bars are totally closed. The operator have to close the sealing bars manually or with mechanical foot pedal till the electromagnet turns on and holds the sealing bar down during the sealing and cooling cycles. The sealing and cooling times are electrically controlled and independently adjustable. The sealing is started only when the sealing bars are totally closed and open when the sealing wire is cool down. NO risk of getting burn injuries.

In standby mode the machine consumes only app. 20 W / hour (energy saving impulse sealing - eco energy saving) electrical power.

The machine is designed to seal filled bags and produce bags from rolls.

orange painted S-TYPE: Orange painted for general industry

anodized aluminium - inox SI-TYPE: Stainless steel for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry

The S-TYPE machine range is produced in five sizes, with sealing lengths ranging from 320 mm to 1020 mm.

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